Central America

For Central America, This Means War

septiembre 6, 2016 // 0 Comentarios

Peña Nieto is a leader who is sufficiently withdrawn from his own reality that he can accept the visit of a nascent fascist under the pretense of a hypothetical future profit tied to something that the Mexican government is already doing on its own: ignoring, victimizing, or criminalizing undocumented Central American migrants. Neither Trump nor Peña Nieto had anything to lose. [...]

Always Say You’re Mexican, part II

mayo 18, 2016 // 0 Comentarios

The Central America-ness that must be hidden while irregular immigrants make it through Mexico does not come back once they’ve reached the United States. Even for regular immigrants or second-generation Salvadorans, becoming Mexican is necessary if you want to make it socially, economically or in the academia. They must learn how to be Mexicans before they can become Americans. [...]

Always Say You’re Mexican, Part I

abril 19, 2016 // 1 Comentario

The proximity of the Central American Northern Triangle to Mexico makes it possible for our countries to be familiarized with Mexican idioms and cultural products, but this relationship is not reciprocal. To reveal a Central American origin is almost lethal for undocumented migrants crossing Mexico, who as a risk-reduction measure modify their speech and adopt Mexican idioms, but also lose their Central America-ness. [...]